Hildegard Hahn - Cicer: Portrait of a Landscape (1992 - 1997)

A special place at the beach of Las Canteras, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, has been described, the sea and the shore, the relation between the sea and the island, the island and the islanders, the islanders and the sea.

The description consists of four parts, they are for me important fragments of the conceivable presentation.

  1. The Color with its psychological and symbolic power, with its transcendental message, its sensuality.

  2. Signs, Symbols, Letters, Gestures - close to the writing

  3. Iconographics challenging for interpretation. From "mimesis" (Aristotle) to actual "simulation" (Baudrillard) there were many dogmata established in ethetics, in history of art as well as in philosophy of art. Ethetics (according to an encyclopedia) is the science of perception by the senses, the emotions thereby.

  4. Light, light and shadow, absence of light, like the creator and destroyer of things, ruler of the space, the physical and infinite space.

    1. Camuflage - Mimikry
      The reproduction of irreversible time. 365 bowls of glass with pieces of broken glass ground by the sea, which have been found on the beach. 10 sheets of statistics on millimeter paper.
    2. Rocks
      51 "tiles" (90 x 90 cm) with broken pieces of painted tiles, found on the same beach, arranged directly above the floor.
    3. Memory - Double Memory
      About 200 paintings of small size, colorfully arranged at the walls of a separate room, like in cabinet of art.
    4. Light and Shadow
      76 black-and-white photographs (50 x 60 cm), taken at different times of the day: in the morning (against the light), at noon (in different light), in the evening (with the light).

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